Chief Executive Officer

Barbara Lillico

Chief Executive Officer

Program Managers

Nicola Lyle

Program Manager - Student Nutrition/Midwifery Programs

Mary-Ann Meagher

Program Manager - Community Partnerships/Antrim Norwood Family Hub

Kellie Walden

Program Manager - Otonabee Valley Family Hub/School For Young Moms

Kathy Warner

Program Manager - Lakefield and St. John Family Hubs

Program Staff

Giulia Bernardini

Sheila Bourgeois

Trish Boyd-Reininger

Jason Brock

Dayle Bulger

Debra Byrne

Virginia Cailes

Geri-Lynn Cajindos

Leanne Caskanette

Nancy Doherty

Beckie Evans

Sharon Fitzgerald

Breanne Bailey

Angela Maxine-Little

Ellen Mortlock

Candace Passey

Anne Polito

Richard Sloukji

Sarah Theobald

Administrative Staff

Maryanne Hindman

Office Manager

Tracey Boyd


Robert Fletcher

Network Administrator

Lori Garcia Maravilla

Administrative Coordinator

Indra Noyes

Food Logistics Coordinator


The Peterborough Family Resource Centre and all Hub locations will be closed June 30th, Programming will resume Tuesday Sept. 5th. Administration office will open Aug. 14th.