Month: May 2016

Growing Up Resilient

You might have heard the word “resiliency” in relation to children, but what is it?  Very simply, resiliency is the ability to manage our feelings and cope with the stressors of life.  All people experience setbacks, but resilient people seem to bounce back from... read more

It’s Potty Time! Toilet Training Your Child

Toilet training your child can be a stressful time for parents.  I remember cleaning up countless puddles and trying to entice my son out from under the table where he would hide while having a bowel movement.   Using the toilet is something you can’t make your child... read more

Getting Outdoors…The Benefits of Nature

Can you remember your favourite thing to do as a child?  Did it involve the outdoors?  How many of you played outside for most of the day as a child and only came in when the streetlights came on?  Those moments hold fond memories for many of us.  We read in the news... read more